Best bluetooth earbuds under 2000 price only 

Boat newly launched 141 ANC earbuds which gives you 42hrs playback only at a price of RS 16,999

OnePlus Nord Buds 2r comes with IP55 rating and it produce clear and loud sound in price of RS 18,999

Mivi Commando Q9 is a gaming earbuds which have a 35MS Low Latency in price of RS 17,999

Wings Phantom Pro is budget friendly earbuds which  is good for normal use with average battery life at price of Rs 1,099

TAGG Rogue 500GT had a stylish design with RGB light and in built gaming mode only for RS 1,299

boat Immortal 141 is known for its long battery life and unique style in the price range of Rs 1,299

Boult Audio Newly Launched Z40 Pro had a 100hrs playtime which makes long lasting playtime earbuds in these price of Rs 1,399

realme buds t300 have a 42hrs battery life and fast charging support with dolby atmos at price of Rs 1,999

Bonus tips 

Always go for a earbuds which produce a good quality sound with value for money cost 

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