Chatgpt vs google bard which is better lets know in full details 

Chatgpt is made by open AI company which gives you information upto 2021 only and its a big disadvantages for it .

BARD is own by google company and it have all latest information as compare to chatgpt 

Chatgpt is good for writing content , story poem etc in user friendly way

Google Bard provides more information in a chunked format and also it has integration with google products to make your easier.

You can use prompt in chatgpt to make your work easier and faster in simple steps .

As compare to chatgpt G bard is difficult while using prompt and it takes some time to get better answer .

Chatgpt is free but is plus version works on subscription base which is costly to buy .

Till now google bard is totally free and it doesn't have any subscription which is good for all user.

Bonus tip 

Both platform are good mostly its depends on user needs which platforms helps them in better way .

Best mobile to buy under 10k price only