good time invest in crypto? Bitcoin Price Volatility Amidst Weakening US Labor Market and regulatory Uncertainty

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Bitcoin had shown a growth in price this morning which is  going from under $26,500 to above $26,800. 

The price increased of Bitcoin was Linked to Disappointing Jobless Claims, Surging to 261,000 from 233,000 in One Week which can affect the bitcoin price .

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while 261,000 initial claims in a week is not necessarily alarming, it does suggest a decline in the momentum of the previously strong US labor market.

Concerns Grow Over US Labor Market as Jobless Claims Report Aligns with Recent Weak Data Unemployment Rate Surprisingly Rises to 3.7% from 3.5%

Crypto traders are now eagerly awaiting a speech from Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong at the same conference later in the day which play  a major role 

Crucial Events Looming: US Consumer and Producer Price Index Data Releases to Shape Bitcoin Trajectory Ahead of Fed's Monetary Policy Announcement

Inflation Drop Could Boost Bitcoin:: Potential Catalyst as Consumer Price Index (CPI) Declines to 4.1% from 4.9%

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