Mivi vs boAt Which is Better? Is boAt Better Than Mivi in 2024?

mivi vs boat

These both brand are a giant tech company in the field of electronics product market which is mainly known for there trust and high quality products but are you confuse between Mivi vs boat which is better ? and which brand provides affordable price with value for money feature so we had created some categories for both the brand and compare boat vs mivi to know which is more best for you in 2024 but before that lets know about the market capture by each brand and there best selling products to get better decision.

wireless earbuds comparison of mivi vs boat

boat vs mivi

While we talk about the wireless earbuds the boat company had captured the share of 39.7% in Indian market wireless earbuds on the other hand the mivi had share of 6.2% but its not mean that mivi is a bad company because it have launch many successful and popular earbuds which are value for money to buy including Mivi DuoPods M20 , Mivi DuoPods F40 , Mivi DuoPods A25 , Mivi DuoPods F30 and many more .

The boat have more wireless earbuds in different category according to their costumer need for example in the gaming category boAt Airdopes 191G , boAt Immortal 171 , are performing best and for normal use the boat have boat airdopes 141 and airdopes 131 which are most popular earbuds from the boat company .

Price difference between Boat vs mivi earbuds

Price difference between boat vs mivi

We had bring a price difference comparison of mivi vs boat earbuds by comparing there feature and what price they are available also we wiwill see are they worth to buy at there price point so start from the budget category earbuds of boat which provides boAt Airdopes 441 at a price of Rs 699 only which have a feature like Max 30 hours playback time with case and the driver unit of 6mm which is not that much good for having a good experience but its still ok at these price point also the IPx7 rating its unexpected thing from at these price point .

while we talk about the Mivi wireless earbuds of mivi duopods 2 comes at a price of Rs 599 which is cheaper from boat earbuds and it have a feature like 8mm driver which is really good at these price point but the Ip rating of these buds is little low which is nearly of IPx4 which could be more better if the provide extra ip rating but any way both the earbuds have some advantage and disadvantage such as boat have a longer battery life as compare to mivi.

on other hand mivi had good sound low quality at lower price but in last it difficult to come at final result of which is best because we cann’t just them by only one product also its mostly depends of your need for example if you find better things at mivi then you should go for it and it mostly depends on user need to which products they should buy for them .

5 Reason to buy Boat company products

best reason for buying boat products

These are the top 5 good reason which you should know before buying any Boat company products.

  • Value for money :- As we all know that boat is popular Indian brand which is mainly known for providing a good product at value for money price point . The Boat release his mostly products at affordable rate so that everyone can buy them.
  • Design :- The design factor is depend on everyone choice but according to me the boat company have good trending design which also looks more attractive .
  • Costumer support :- The boat is a trusted company which have a good reputition among the people espicially in the terms of costumer support according to my honest experience i am really impressed with there after market service.
  • Build quality :- The build quality is not same for every product in some case it also depends on price if you pay higher amount then there are strong chances to good more stronger build quality but it dosen’t mean that lower segment product quality is not good its best for daily normal use.
  • warranty :- In most of the product from boat it provides 1 year warranty which is really a good thing.
5 Reason to buy Mivi company products
  • Environmental Initiatives :- mivi had taken a huge step to protect environment by using recycled materials which helps a lot to stop unwanted waste in environment.
  • Community Engagement :- Mivi is trying there best to have a proper engages with thier community through online platforms and events so that they can provide a good product to them according to there needs
  • Warranty and support :- Same as boat company the Mivi is also a good brand which gives priority to there costumer even after the sale to be very honest i dont have any personal experience with mivi costumer support but according to my online research i got mostly positive reviews toward there costumer support and warranty.
  • Multiple option factor:- while purchasing the product you got a different option with Mivi company so that you can select a best one for you.
FAQ related Boat vs mivi

who owns a Boat company ?

The AMAN Gupta who is a founder and a CEO of boat company which is most trusted tech brand in the field of electronic market in India .

which is best product of Boat company ?

It is not possible to say exact sales figures but still here are some most demanding feature of boat company such as Boat airdopes 441 , boat airdopes 181 , Boat partypal and many more.

when was Mivi Company established ?

Mivi story begin at the year of 2016 which was founded by the Midhula Devabhaktuni and viswanadh Kandula and in 2020 they established their manufacturing unit in Hyderabad

How do I connect Mivi products to my phone?

you can connect any wireless mivi product with the help of Bluetooth by simply pairing it with your phone


Mivi vs Boat battle of the 2 tech giant company each brand have different advantage and disadvantage which is mostly depends on user need while we talk about the total market share capture by each brand is of 39.7 from Boat which is a huge enough and from Mivi it capture the 6.2 which is not a bad but the mivi need to work more hard if they want some more growth.

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