noise vs boat which is best ? is noise better then boat in 2024 ?

The noise and boat company are a trusted brand which provides a different types of electronic product in market such as smartwatch , blueooth earphones , headphones but which brand are best for you ? so to clear these doubt we had bring a comparison of noise vs boat to let you know which is more better in 2024 so we had compared all maximum boat and noise product categories for you in these post .

comparison of noise vs boAt brand

Noise vs boat

boat company is established in the year of 2016 which mainly deals in bluetooth earphones , speakers and smartwatches and on the other hand the noise company is established in the year of 2014 which mainly sell the smartphone cover at starting and in the year of 2018 they switch to sell smartwatch , bluetooth earphones but the both company have different strategic plan to work which means a different product type for costumer need in multiple categories.

There is huge different in boat and noise products where you a good quality products according your needs and to select a best one we had compared boat vs noise product.

noise vs boat smartwatch

noise vs boat smartwatch

Noise and boat are both one of the leading brand in the field of smartwatch market in India but they produce different price point with different feature and to know which is better we need to compare them by after market service , feature , price , design and build quality to get a best one for you.

Build quality of noise and boat smartwatch :: The build quality of boat is made of average plastic which is really interesting and make it affordable to purchase and the plastic which is used by boat company is sustainable for longer use. While on other hand the noise uses same plastic quality which will provide a great value of point .

After market service of boat and noise :- Both brands mostly produce the 1 year warranty on there products and the after market service from noise are really good simply you can register your complaint through noise official website where they ask you some question related to your query and then finally you can choose for offline or online service .

Boat is also not behind in terms of providing a good costumer service because it mostly provides a same after market service as noise which give you a tough competition to noise.

feature of noise and boat smartwatch :- In terms of feature there are some different feature in these company smartwatch such as noise smartwatch are more better for using fitness purpose because it provide a extra variety of sports modes and more watch face options which makes its easy to use for daily purpose. while we talk about boat smartwatch comes with mainly user friendly operating system which is easy to use and it provides good stylish design with there smartwatches.

Read more about :- boult vs boat which is better to get more idea related which is going to best for you according to your need.

Boat vs noise earbuds

Boat vs noise earbuds

boat earbuds are mainly known for there stylish design with affordable rate and the boat earbuds mostly produce a balanced mixture of sound which can be a great option for people who are looking for earbuds daily use . The good thing is that in boat you got a multiple variety according to your budget and need where in noise there are less variety in noise as compare to boat but the build of noise earbuds are nice for longer use.

In most of the noise earbuds you got a multiple settings which allows user to customized the sound according to there need or mood which can be good emphasizing bass , treble or vocal sound in music to give a better experience as compare to boat earbuds and the battery life of both company earbuds are good it also depend on the price point to get a longer and better battery life .

quick comparison of random noise vs boat earbuds

DescriptionNoise boAt
ModelNoise Buds VS104boAt Airdopes 141
Color optionBlack , midnight blue , mint green , snow whiteBlack , Cider Cyan , Olive Green , White , Blue
Amazon costumer Ratings3.8 stars out of 53.8 stars out of 5
build qualityMade of plastic Made of plastic
Sound qualityheavy bass with good sound qualitybalanced sound quality and maybe not as focused on the bass as Noise
Driver unit13mm Driver8mm Driver
battery life45H of Playtime42H Playtime
Charging timenearly 1.5 to 2 hoursnearly 1.5 to 2 hours
noise cancellationenvironmental noise cancellation (ENC)Environmental Noise Cancellation (ENC)
Bluetooth version5.2  5.1
Water and dust resistanceIPX5IPX4 
Sound latencyLow latency up to 50msEnable
warranty12 months12 months
PriceRS 999RS 999

Above table is a comparison of boat vs noise earbuds under 1000 price and as you can see that in most of the feature the noise earbuds easily beat the boat in terms of providing better feature at same price point in Indian market so now you can compare any noise earbuds with boat by using same method to find a good quality earbuds at correct value for money price point .

FAQ related boat vs noise

which is a better brand boat vs noise ?

Both brands are one of the oldest and trusted brand which produce good quality products in there fields but the boat company have a large number of variety in earbuds with stylish design and noise have a multiple fitness option in smartwatch as compared to boat.

Who is India’s No 1 earbuds brand?

Boat owns the 39.7% share in Indian Market of earbuds which makes it India’s No 1 earbuds brand .

Is Noise a affordable brand?

Noise offers a product from the lowest price with great features which makes it affordable brand with a value for money point.

Are boAt earbuds better than Noise?

Sound quality plays a major role in every earbuds for having good experience . noise earbuds have a good quality of sound with multiple option as compared to boat earbuds due to its customized setting option of sound quality .


Both the brands noise and boat are trusted and popular brand among the costumer for providing a good products of smartwatches , bluetooth earphones and headphones . when comparing boat vs noise in terms of smartwatches features the noise company takes lead by providing a extra fitness feature and watch faces .

In the field of earbuds the boat is known for affordable rate with unique stylish design but the sad thing is that under 1000 price while the comparison of noise vs boat earbuds the boat company stay behind in terms of providing feature as noise.

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