comparison of boat airdopes 131 vs 138

In the market of boat airdopes there are many popular airdopes which comes at value for money an similar to them we are today going to compare between the boat airdopes 131 vs 138 to let you know which is more better in terms of providing the feature and whether they are still worth to buy them in 2024 or not . so lets start by have quick look on airdopes 131 vs 138 comparison.

Comparison between boat airdopes 131 vs 138 in 2024

FeatureBoat airdopes 131Boat airdopes 138
Launched dateAugust 22, 202217 January 2023
Color optionsBlack , pink , greyGreen , white , black and blue
online costumer Ratings4 out of 5 stars 3.7 out of 5 stars
Build Qualityplastic Body Plastic durable body
Charging time2hrs for full chargemore then 2 hours
Battery with caseupto 15hrs to 60hrsMax 60 hours
Battery with BudsMaximum 3 hours per budsNon stop upto 12 hours
Cable typeType CType C
Noise cancellationNONO
Sound effectclear audio Clear audio
Bluetooth version5.05.0
Sound latency65ms latency 60 latency
Driver unit 13mm drivers10mm drivers
Touch controlYesYes
Water resistant IPX4IPX4
Deep BassYESYes
Dolby AtmosNONO
Weight78 gmNearly 100 gram
Warranty1 year1 Year
PriceRs 849RS 999

Details about boat airdopes 131

 airdopes 131 vs 138

Boat airdopes 131 is budget category earbuds which comes at a price of Rs 849 with a multiple color option such as Black , grey and pink . while we talk abouts its build quality it is made of sustainable plastic which is good to protect your airdopes and the weight of airdopes 131 is very light which can carry easily while travelling . The boat airdopes comes with a IP rating of x4 to prevent water damages in your airdopes 131.

battery backup of boat airdopes 131 is gonna be of UPTO 60 hours with case and without case it will go maximum 3 hours per buds which is good for daily use but it will be more better if boat provides some extra battery hours on non stop playback time in buds to have some extra fun . The boat airdopes 131 took 2 hours to get fully charge from 0 to 100 percent with the help of type C cable. Now while we talk abouts it control its smooth to handle which can make enable use of Ok google and hey siri by simply using these buttons of boat airdopes 131.

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Overall these boat airdopes 131 have a more feature like bluetooth version 5.0 which is little old but is still ok to provide a good connectivity between the device and airdopes 131 . The sound quality of boat airdopes 131 will be good for basic usage and you can aspect a lot of high quality at these price of point in these airdopes.

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Details about boat airdopes 138

airdopes 138 vs 131

The boat airdopes 138 is launched on in the month of January 2023 which have a larger non stop playback time of 12 hours which is a huge payback for most of the people and with case you got as same as battery backup of 60 hours which have in airdopes 131 . The total battery of airdopes 138 is of 650mAh which can charge through a type c cable and it comes with a 1 year warranty from the boat company to resolve your queries related to boat airdopes 138.

The sound quality of boat airdopes is going to be good but the sad thing is that it dosent have a noise cancellation feature which means you cant enjoy clear audio while in noisy market places. The driver unit of 10mm will delivers you a great audio experience while using your buds and it also supports the Deep bass feature to have bass between the music play and the sound effect of these airdopes is of clear audio to have nice experience while using them.

Overall the feature and price of boat airdopes 138 are good while we talk abouts it design that is made in pocketable design which means you can easily fit them in your pocket without any issue and the costumer rating of 3.7 out of 5 stars is not bad as a online costumer rating to buy while the price of these boat airdopes 131 is little high related to airdopes 138.

summary of comparison boat airdopes 131 vs 138

boat airdopes 131 vs 138

from the above paragraph and table i hope you got idea regarding the feature of both the airdopes and now lets go more dipper in the comparison of airdopes 131 vs 138 . so lets start from the battery comparison in battery wise the airdopes 138 have a extra battery of buds from the airdopes 131 but in battery of case is similar of both airdopes and in design these airdopes will have very minor changes such as different color option . The price of airdopes 131 is very cheap from airdopes 138 and there is not a huge difference between airdopes 138 vs 131 so i will recommend yo to go for a boat airdopes 131 to save some money but in last the choice is yours.

FAQ related boat airdopes 138 vs 131

what is difference between airdopes 131 vs 138?

The battery backup of continuous playback time plays a major role in keeping a difference between these 2 airdopes and the Sound quality is totally different from each other.

is it worth to buy airdopes 138 in 2024?

the tech of these airdopes is little old but the feature is still worth at these price point in 2024.

Conclusion of boat airdopes 131 vs 138

These both airdopes are a low price earbud which have many interesting feature which makes you more comfort while listening your fav song with these airdopes.

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