Block jio sim online for free or activate with same number

If you lost your jio sim by mistake or your sim is stolen then no need to worry you can block jio sim online or offline by using various simple methods . It is very important to block sim because it contains many important personal data which may be put you in Trouble if it goes in wrong hand so block your jio sim as soon as possible by following these simple steps now .

Block jio sim online in simple steps

Block jio sim online

follow these simple steps to block jio sim online now :-

  • just visit to the official website of jio company
  • after visiting to website now at the top right corner you will get a option of “my account” simply just select
  • then go to the setting which will give you one more option of “suspend and resume” to block your jio sim
  • after selecting these option just give a reason in bracket why you need to block your jio sim online and after all the process simply press on suspend here after 15min your sim will be block by company .
  • when all the process completed simply press on suspend
  • here after 15min your sim will be block by company .

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how to deactivate lost jio sim online

The method to block jio sim online if it lost or stolen by mistake is :-

  • call the jio costumer care at 199 from another jio sim of your family member or friend
  • Describe your problem to them in straight clear way so that they can easily understand
  • provide them your full name if they ask
  • Give them reason for what purpose you need to block sim card of Jio
  • in last they will block jio sim card online as soon as possible

Unblock jio sim with same number

Unblock jio sim card

To unblock your jio sim you need to follow these simple steps :-

You can unblock your jio sim by calling to costumer care of jio or by visiting to nearest jio store where they will ask for some details regarding you such as name , date of birth etc to unblock your jio sim and to restart your all sim services .

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Advantages of blocking jio sim

  • you can stop misleading of sim use :- If you block your sim after it lost then you can protect your sim data from other people and also you can stop the misleading of your sim card .
  • stop financial loss :- In these digital era most of the people bank is connected through mobile number and they are doing transactions with the help of OTP suppose your sim card is gone in wrong person then they can easily use your money so its important to block jio sim after lost .

Disadvantages of Blocking Jio sim

  • Sim card data lost :- If you block your jio sim then you can lost all your data phone number which is stored in sim card so if you have backup of number in mobile gmail Id then is good otherwise your data will lost for permanent .
  • Sim will not work :- By blocking the jio sim you cant use their jio service such as calling , sms or internet usage so before blocking any sim inform your close person that you are blocking the sim and now until new sim card get you cant contact to anyone .
  • Recharge will expire :- after blocking the sim card your recharge will expire automatically which will result in loss of financial .

how to block jio sim card if lost

If your jio sim card is lost by mistake then its very important to block it as soon as possible . To block jio sim card you can directly contact to jio costumer care number at 199 where you can contact to them for blocking the jio sim or otherwise you can also block it online by simply visiting the jio website where you get easiest option to block the sim card with in 24hrs but you dont want to block jio sim online then you can go for a offline option where you can visit to a nearest offline jio store and provide them some details regarding sim and a reason for blocking the jio sim and in last you sim will be block by them with in some couple of minutes .

how to replace lost jio sim

To replace a lost Jio sim with a new one you need to block your old sim with online or offline method for getting a same jio serive on a new sim . First call at 199 which is a toll free number of jio help line where they we will connect you with jio costumer service which will understand your situation and provide you a new jio sim with in some days after KYC or you can also visit to nearest jio store to replace jio sim more faster and secure as compared to online method .

Block prepaid jio number

To block sim prepaid number you can visit at jio official website or you can directly go at offline store of jio to block prepaid sim immediately .


how to block jio sim permanently in 2024

To block sim permanently you need to visit to your nearest jio store where you would need to describe that why you are blocking your sim and they will ask some id proof for verification to block your jio sim permanently .

How to block jio by sms

It is not possible to block jio sim by sms because it is not a safe method to block sim card instead of that you can block your sim by visiting at jio website in easy ways so that you don’t need to visit any jio store to block the sim .

how to block lost jio sim

To block lost jio sim you can call to jio costumer care at 199 or you can visit their official website where you find a option to block lost jio sim without any issue .

get jio sim puk code unlock online

You can unlock your Jio SIM PUK code online through the MyJio app . Fisrt of all you need to install my Jio app then open it and login from jio phone number after that on homepage select menu and then setting after some time you will see a option of get puk code under sim management and here you receive an email of your PUK code .

which is jio sim lost complaint number ?

1800 88 99999 is a Jio lost complaint number where you can connect to their costumer care team to file a complaint regarding lost jio sim in 2024

Find your jio number puk code

you can find your jio puk by using 4 methods and Puk code plays a important role to add security to prevent unauthorized access . First download the jio app or simply login to jio official visit and navigate to manage sim after that a option will appear of view your PUK code but still you find some difficulty then you can contact to 1800 889 9999  jio number to resolve your queries


it is very important to block jio if it lost or stolen by someone because it contains very sensitive data in it which may be but you in trouble if someone miss use so follow above steps to block sim as soon as possible . Also there are some advantages and disadvantages of blocking jio sim

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