boat airdopes 131 vs 141 which is better lets know about it

The boat is in an Indian company which is know for its low price gadgets in market and If you are confuse between boat airdopes 131 vs 141 which is better ? then we are here to help you to select a best airdopes for you with more power and low price so Today we will compared airdopes 131 vs 141 by sharing full details about them and also best method to select a airdopes according to your need in very low price .

Comparison between boat airdopes 131 vs 141

Boat Airdopes 141 Vs Boat Airdopes 131
Release date August 22, 2022November 2, 2023
PriceRs 849Rs 1,199
Online costumer ratings 4 out of 5 stars 3.8 out of 5 stars
Build qualityplastic Body plastic Body
Battery life with case upto 15hrs to 60hrsUpto 42hrs
driver unit 13mm drivers8mm drivers
Noise CancellationNoYES
Sound Latency65ms latency pingupto 80ms latency ping
Deep BassNot sure YES
Touch control yesyes
Charging time2hrs for full charge1.5hrs for full charge
Charger usedType CTYPE C
Bluetooth version 5.05.1
water & dust resitant IPX4IPX4 
Warranty 1 year 1 year

in straight comparison of boat airdopes 141 vs 131 the airdopes 131 have many good features such as low price , better sound quality and good playback time but while we talk about boat airdopes 141 according to my experience of more then 1 years i would like to say it is little costly as compare to boat airdopes 131 but it is long durable and better user experience at affordable price . The build quality and comfort of airdopes 141 is non beatable from airdopes 141 especially while we talk about its deign its look interesting for some and for some its decent but according to my point of view its average . If you have little low budget then definitely you can go for 131 airdopes otherwise i will definitely recommend you a boat airdopes 141 .

Both the airdopes have a long lasting charging support with the type C cable support and the boat airdopes 141 have a Active noise cancellation to get a better experience while receiving call or listening the music but where the boat airdopes 131 doesn’t have a support of Active noise cancellation which keeps little back it from 141 earbuds and the 131 is little older generation airdopes which have a less latest technology like bluetooth version as compare to the Airdopes boat 141 or you can even look for a comparison of realme techlife buds t100 vs boat 141 to get a more better choice .

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Full details review of boat airdopes 131

boat airdopes 131 vs 141

The boat airdopes is launch on august 22 , 2023 which have a bluetooth version of 5.0 which is little old technology but is enough to use these airdopes also it supports Asap fast charging technology which means you can charge your airdopes 131 for 5 min only to use them upto 60min non stop and while we talk sound quality of airdopes is really good according to price rate but while on call it may cause you trouble if your at high traffic place because of its low quality voice noise on call . The airdopes 131 also have IPx4 rating to protect it from water drops and minor dust .

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Advantages & disadvantages of boat airdopes 131


  • affordable price
  • longer battery life
  • better sound quality


  • normal build quality
  • non attractive design

Full details review of boat airdopes 141

Boat airdopes 141 vs 131

The boat airdopes 141 are budget friendly true wireless earbuds which offers a comfortable fit with a longer battery life and a good sound quality with best build quality . Now while we talk about its design is stylish which looks attractive and it is lightweight in use which makes it perfect for wearing long time .

The boat airdopes 141 have many cool features such as Dual EQ modes which give you chance to choose from normal or bass mode to get the better sound you want in these affordable price . The battery life of boat airdopes 141 is upto 42hrs with charging case . The best thing is that these airdopes have a ASAP charging which enables fast charging and give you a 75mins in only 5mins of charging time only .

Advantages & disadvantages of boat airdopes 141


  • Attractive design
  • ANC feature
  • Good sound quality


  • Little over priced
  • Not for gamers


which is best boat airdopes in budget category

The boat airdopes 141 is a budget category airdopes which have a better sound quality with a long battery life at affordable price . The best thing is that you can charge these airdopes rapidly to get better playback time .

how to select best boat airdopes ?

to select best boat airdopes you need to consider your budget first then after wards compare the airdopes which come in affordable price list . Then check the features of airdopes which match your needs and simply select them which have better quality in low price rate .

which company have better earbuds in low price?

The boat company have a better earbuds in affordable price which have a better build quality and sound quality also the boat is an Indian company which makes gadgets in budget price .

which is best between boat 131 vs 141 in 2024 ?

Boat 131 have a little less latest feature as compare to 141 but in price wise the boat 131 beat the 141 and its depends on mostly the use and need of the costumer to select a best for them for their use .


In boat airdopes 141 vs 131 the airdopes 131 have good features in low price which attracts a lot of people because of is pocket friendly price but the airdopes 141 is also in race which have a better bluetooth version long battery life which is suitable for your daily use and while we talk about is comfort is really good which is very light weight in use . I hope you like the straight comparison of these boat airdopes 131 Vs 141 if you have any query related these topic then feel free to comment regarding any doubt you have .

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