boat airdopes 381 vs 441 lets know which is better ?

These boat airdopes are budget category earbuds which provides many feature but still you are not sure which one is best then we will help you by comparing the boat airdopes 381 vs 441 to let you know which one more better in 2024 to use and there are multiple different feature in these airdopes so its becomes very important to read the post carefully to get full knowledge.

comparison between boat airdopes 381 vs 441

Features Boat airdopes 381Boat airdopes 441
Model Airdopes 381Airdopes 441
Release date 22 August 30 June
Costumer Rating 3.9 out of 5 stars4.0 out of 5 stars
Charging TimeNearly 1 hours more then 1 hours
Battery (case)Maximum 20 hours Maximum 30 hours
Battery (buds)Upto 4 hours upto 5 hours
Charger usedTYPE – CTYPE – C
Noise cancellationNONO
Sound EffectENx TechnologyENx Technology
Sound Latency65ms80ms
water resistant IPX5IPX7
Color optionBlack , green , yellow and blue etcBlack, White, Blue & Red
Connectivity TechnologyBluetooth 5.0Bluetooth 5.0
Bluetooth Range10m10m
Volume ControlYesYes
Touch controlYesYes
Deep BassYesYes
Driver Unit 7mm6mm
Driver TypeDynamicDynamic
Dolby Atmos supportNoNo
Weight45 grams48.50 grams
Warranty1 year 1 year
PriceRS 1,599Rs 1,394

Quick comparison between boat airdopes 381 vs 441

boat airdopes 381 vs 441
boat airdopes 381 vs 441

These is a quick comparison of boat airdopes 441 vs 381 where you got a better sound experience in airdopes with 7mm driver unit and on other hand you got a driver unit of 6mm which produce little low sound quality but in the comparison of build quality both the airdopes are similar and while we talks about battery life the airdopes 441 easily beat the airdopes 381 . In last the choice is your you can easily select a best one for you by simply matching your needs which are necessary for you while using a airdopes .

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Review about boat airdopes 381 in details

boat airdopes 381 vs 441

The boat airdopes 381 comes with a ENx Technology fore providing a better sound quality while listening music and it have a maximum battery life of 20hrs with case and witgh buds it only have a battery life of 4 hours which you can charge with TYPE C cable where it took nearly 1 hours for full charge with case and buds . The boat airdopes 381 is made of plastic for having strong build quality which can protect case from small damages .

The drivers which is used in boat airdopes is of 7mm with dynamic types which is decent for having good sound but we cant expect a clear and loud audio with proper balanced of bass in it because its a old earbuds which dont have a latest high if you want more features then you can consider other boat airdopes one more draw back of these airdpes is not made for games because the latency rate of boat airdopes 381 is not proper to have fun while enjoying the games .

overall the boat airdopes 381 can be a good option who want a earbuds at low price with a stylish design but there are some disadvantages in it such as not having proper noise cancellation which may be affect the experience of some people and there also a advantages of selecting these buds is of having stylish design with multiple color options at pocket friendly rate with decent quality of sound to enjoy your fav audio .

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Review about boat airdopes 441 in details

boat airdopes 441 vs 381

The boat airdopes 441 is launched on 30 june with multiple color option and it is made of plastic the design of these earbuds are giving a sporty look while we talk abouts it sound quality it comes with a driver unit of 6mm dynamic type to listen the music at good quality and the sound latency of boat airdopes is of 80ms which can be consider as average latency rate for playing the online or offline games and also you got smooth touch control to change the audio or to change the volume of it .

if your a sports person and because of heavy sweat which comes from your body damages your earbuds then no need to worry the boat airdopes 441 comes with a Ip rating of IpX7 to protect tit from water and sweat. The battery life of these airdopes is of maximum 5 hours which is little low but the battery you got with case is extremely good is of 30 hours maximum which is enough to use for daily use.

Overall the boat airdopes 441 have basic feature which is enough to have normal experience while using them and the IP rating of these boat are really amazing but it can be more if they provide us the dust particle rating for having extra protection .

FAQ related boat airdopes 381 vs 441

which boat airdopes 381 vs 441 is best ?

these boat airdopes have a long lasting battery life with a good build quality and while listening the audio it provides clear sound but the price of airdopes 441 is more cheaper then airdopes 381 .

is it good to buy boat airdopes 381 in 2024?

The boat airdopes 381 is pocket friendly wireless buds which have IPX5 to protect your airdopes and you can buy these one below the price of Rs 1,400 in online sale .

What is the battery life of airdopes 441?

it comes with a battery life of maximum 30 hours with case and with buds you got a continuously playback time of maximum 5 hours which is little for the people who have use of airdopes to listen music

conclusion about boat airdopes 441 vs 381

from above comparison of airdopes 441 vs 381 i hope you got a rough idea regarding which one is best according to your need or else you can even go for other buds if you are not satisfy with the final output of these comparison we had covered many comparison topic regarding airdopes , earbuds which you can read from the option of read more and in last i would like to thanks you for reading the blog post also you can ask your question in our comment section to get quick solution of it .

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