Boat airdopes one side not working 7+ solution

If your boat airdopes is not working properly or the music sound is low as compared to previous then we are going to provide you a 7+ ways which will help to resolve your all boat airdopes problems . If you are facing a serious issue regarding Boat airdopes one side not working then we had given you a bonus tips in last of our post but before working on any solution its very important to understand the main problem of boat airdopes not working.

Reason for Boat airdopes one side not working in 2024

Boat airdopes one side not working

There are multiple reasons which decrease the quality of boat airdopes but the most common common is of dirt and dust particles stuck at speaker so to clean it use a tiny brush which will clean your earbuds and give you a better sound quality but still you are facing issue then sometimes there may be bluetooth connectivity issue which makes earbuds slow and music will lag between sound for some time so try to restart boat airdopes or pair it again to get better details .

Boat airdopes one side not working solution in full detail

1} Check Battery Levels :-

As we know that electronics devices battery health are decreasing over the time and use so its important to check a battery health of your devices . The low battery levels boat airdopes can but earbuds in low performance so open the charging case and check whether your case are charged or not properly and if you over charged always to boat airdopes then it may damage your airdopes .

2) check airdopes settings in your connected device :-

If by mistake you had changed your audio setting then it may be result in boat one side airdopes not working properly so you should first navigate to setting of device which is connected to boat airdopes and check whether you had some mistake or not if yes then do it normal which will give you a proper sound quality with good experience .

3) one side of boat airdopes not charging

If you are facing a issue of boat one airdopes not charging then simply take a cotton cloth piece and clean at golden magnetic connector pin it will help them to charge it if still not then pair and unpair them with device in last make them reset so that they can easily charge again.

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4) Physical Damage issue

The Boat airdopes are damage due to some reason then you have limited option of solution for its first try to contact with boat team were they will guide you regarding your problem and they will repair it if your airdopes are not repair able then they will suggest you to replace them with new one which may be little costly so always prevent airdopes from any physical damages .

5) clean and remove dust particles :-

If you are not cleaning your airdopes regularly then at your boat airdopes dust particles will stuck at speaker and give you a low sound quality so its very important to clean and maintain a proper hygiene in it for cleaning airdopes you can use small brush but always remember the airdopes speaker are more sensitive so clean it carefully to avoid any damages in future .

6) Reset or re-pair to boat airdopes :-

Most of times due to some technical issue people are facing issue of boat airdopes one side not working so it becomes important for them to reset but before doing reset you should try to re connect boat airdopes with another device to check is working or not then go for a reset option last to resolve your technical boat airdopes problem.

7) Boat airdopes one side is turn off and you dont now how to turn it on

If by mistake your boat airdopes are turned of then press both your airdopes side for few sec then you will a hear sound from airdopes which will indicate that your airdopes are ready to work but still its not working then simply put your boat airdopes for charging for more then a hour to resolve your problem of boat airdopes not working .

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8) contact to boat costumer care team

If all above mentions tips are not working for you then you should contact to boat costumer care team at 022-6918-1920 number where you can live interact with their team members to find a more better solution for your queries or visit at boat official website at boat support

why one airdopes not working ?

one airdopes not working
one airdopes not working

If your are facing a issue of one airdopes not working properly these because mainly of the boat airdopes damage or the dust particles , water particles had gone inside them and to overcome from these situation you can first try to clean them if your airdopes gone inside the water then keep them in sunlight area for some minutes but dont keep them active for some couples of hours and in last go for a factory reset option i hope you will got a solution after these if not then you can read of above points .

boAt airdopes 161 one side not working

If your Boat airdopes 161 is not working properly then it may be due to some technical issue or physical problem there are different types of issue which you can face with boat airdopes 161 such as not getting proper charge or the sound from buds are not coming clearly if you are facing these issue then you can simply reset it to get solution if it is technical issue then there are strong chances to solve the problem .


why boat airdopes are not working ?

If your boat airdopes are fallen under water or some dust stuck at speaker grill then will cause a physical damage to airdopes which will result of not working boat airdopes properly so try to protect your airdopes as much as you can from these things

Is it good to buy boat airdopes in 2024 ?

yes , is it still a good option to buy a boat airdopes in 2024 because of its affordable rate and trust which boat had created among their costumer but before selecting boat airdopes try to select a latest and affordable boat airdopes for you with many features .

Which boat airdopes is best in 2024 ?

The boat airdopes 141 and 161 are going to be a great choice as it comes with active noise cancellation feature for having a better sound quality while on calls or listening music . The bass of these airdopes are average as compared to their price rate .

How to solve boat airdopes not working issue online

there is only way to solve these issue only by simply contacting to boat costumer care team where they will provide a guide to work airdopes properly so you contact at these number 022-6918-1920 to connect boat team .

what to do when one airdopes is not working

you can fix it by simply cleaning them sometimes there are chances that dust particles can stop them from working or even you can try to reset or just but your earbuds in a case and wait for some time which can help you a lot to work one side boat earbuds in technical issue case.


We had given some above some ways regarding Boat airdopes one side not working in 2024 which will give you a result in working of proper airdopes in good condition but still you have any query regarding boat airdopes then fell free to contact us at our comment section . I hope this post is helpful for you and thanks for reading it .

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