10+ best earbuds with anc under 2000 price

The Demand of earbuds among people are increasing rapidly but the multiple options in markets are confusing them to select a best earbuds with ANC under 2000 price so we had created a list of some best budget friendly earbuds with ANC features in 2024 which will give you a good experience with a stylish design .

Before selecting any Wireless earbuds with anc under 2000 you should remember these important points such as always go for a brand which provide you a better specifications in pocket friendly budget and after sales service also plays a major role so check whether the brand is trusted or not for providing good costumer service .

list of 10+ best earbuds with anc under 2000

Brands Price ANC ratings
OnePlus Nord Buds 2rRs 1,9609/10
OPPO Enco Buds 2RS 1,6877/10
BoAt Airdopes 141 ANCRS 1,4998.5/10
realme Buds T300RS 1,9999.5/10
BoAt Airdopes 161 ANC RS 1,39910/10
Noise Buds VS102 Pro with ANCRS 1,4998/10
Boult Audio X60 ANCRS 1,3978.5/10
Ptrons Zenbuds Ultima ANC EarbudsRS 1,2997.5/10
Noise Buds Venus ANC RS 1,5998.5/10
Chaebol Bullet Bass Wireless O11 ANCRS 9997/10
Boult Audio Omega RS 1,4998/10

Earbuds with anc under 2000 full review with Pros and Cons

OnePlus Nord Buds 2r

earbuds with anc under 2000

The oneplus Nord buds 2R comes with ANC feature which helps to reduce ambient noise by upto to 30 decibels for providing a good audio experience and while we talk abouts its battery life it have 38Hrs of play back which is enough for daily normal use . These earbuds also supports a IP Rating of 55 to prevent minor water and dust damages .

Oneplus Nord buds 2R is going to be a good option if you are looking for a earbuds with anc under 2000 Price from a good Brand costumer service after the sale which have a many features and a 1 YEAR warranty period . The oneplus nord buds 2R comes with a 4 microphones in it where 2 mics at per earbuds are use to share a clear call quality with Ai noise cancellation and these earbuds are made of plastic quality which is sufficient to protect it from minor physical damages now lets talk about its drivers which is of 12.4mm and it have a types of dynamic drivers to give a smooth experience while listening the audio

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  • Longer battery life
  • IP RATING 55
  • ANC feature
  • value for money


  • Non attractive design
  • No fast charging
  • earbuds case is bigger


OPPO Enco Buds 2

best earbuds with anc under 2000

OPPO Enco Buds 2 have Ai deep noise cancellation features for having a smooth experience while using them also it supports the 80ms ultra low latency game mode which is a very interesting feature for true gamers but the sad thing is that it have a less battery life of 28hrs if you are not going to use earbuds for a longer time then you can consider the oppo Enco buds in your list.

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  • Noise cancellation feature
  • 80ms Ultra Low Latency game mode
  • Bluetooth version 5.2
  • Powerful & Rhythmic Bass


  • Less battery life
  • limited color option
  • No fast charging support

BoAt Airdopes 141 ANC

Wireless earbuds with anc under 2000

BoAt Airdopes 141 ANC TWS Earbuds have a latest bluetooth connection of v5.3 which offers the best relaxation and quickly connect support to device with the help of IWP technology . The sound quality of these earbuds are going to amaze according to price segment especially the Feature of active noise cancellation ( ANC ) will give you a smooth audio on call .

The battery life of boat airdopes is of 42hrs and the good thing is that you can charge it quickly to hear music without any interruption . Overall the design of earbuds are attractive and is pocket friendly ANC earbuds of boat company .


  • Longer battery life
  • Attractive design
  • Good build quality
  • ASAP Charging


  • Low Ip rating
  • Not for heavy gaming
  • Limited controls on earbuds

Realme Buds T300

Best Wireless earbuds with anc under 2000

Realme buds t300 is wireless earbuds with anc under 2000 Price which provide a Dolby atmos support which means you can enjoy high quality 3D sound in these earbuds and the 12.4mm Dynamic Bass gives you a heavy bass music for listening Strong matches audio to your entertainment content at affordable rate .

Build quality of realme buds t300 is really strong especially while we talk abouts its looks it have beautiful design and multiple color options for costumer . The battery life of t300 earbuds is of upto 40hrs which claims by company but in reality it is less which is still enough for normal use on call or to hear music in 2024 .


  • multiple color options
  • ANC feature
  • Longer battery life
  • Supports Dolby Atmos


  • over priced
  • Realme connectivity app experience is bad
  • mic quality average

BoAt Airdopes 161 ANC 

earbuds with anc under 2000

Boat airdopes 161 Active noise cancellation of 32DB is a low budget category earbuds which comes with a feature of ASAP charge which means after charging of only 10 mins you get a playback time of 150 mins . The total battery of life which get after full charge with case is of 50hrs playback to make you free from charging again and again .

Overall the sound quality of earbuds are good you can also use them in normal noisy place for calling or listening music without any interruption . The touch sensor of boat airdopes 161 anc are smooth and easy to use for playing or pause the audio .

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  • 50HRS Playback
  • ASAP charge technology
  • Good build quality
  • Attractive deign


  • slow charging speed
  • low IP rating
  • average Deep Bass

Noise Buds VS102 PRO

Earbuds with anc under 2000 in India

Noise buds vs102 pro comes with both active noise cancellation and environmental noise cancellation as compare to others brands of these segment the noise company earbuds provides lower ANC of 25DB which may effect some of the people user experience but If the ANC feature is not important for you then you can select these earbuds for longer battery life of 70hrs and average sound quality experience .

The wireless range of noise buds vs102 pro is of 10m which is enough and it supports the ultra low latency for playing games upto 40ms also the build quality and design of these are more better .


  • attractive and stylish design
  • longer battery life
  • 10m wireless range
  • low latency for gamers


  • low ANC
  • low Ip ratings

Tips for selecting best earbuds with ANC under 2000 price in 2024

Before selecting any earbuds you should not run behind only for 1 feature because sometime it happens the brand focus on 1 feature and other feature are not value for money for costumer or useless so it becomes very importance to give priorities for features which are useful for us such as a long lasting battery life , build quality , sound quality IP rating and many more things .

we should always try to go for trusted brand with value for money specifications for example we are selecting a best earbuds with ANC under 2000 price in 2024 then we should cross verify earbuds from another brands whether its worth to buy in these range or not in these segment also go for brand which provides a 1 year warranty after the sale of their products.


which is best ANC earbuds in 2024 ?

Oneplus nord buds 2R
Oppo ence buds 2
Boat airdopes 141 ANC
Realme Buds T300
Boat airdopes 161 ANC
Noise buds vs102 Pro with ANC
Boult audio X60
Ptron zenbuds ultima

are some best ANC earbuds in 2024

is it good to buy ANC earbuds ?

The active noise cancellation (ANC) are use for a better sound experience at noisy places such as market or traffic if you are thinking to buy earbuds for calling purpose then is good to buy ANC earbuds in 2024 .

which is best ENC or ANC earbuds in 2024 ?

ENC earbuds means environmental noise cancellation are more affordable then ANC earbuds but ENC are less efficient for blocking noise as compared to ANC so if outside noise dosen’t matter to then you should go for a ENC earbuds otherwise for noise cancellation in smooth way the ANC is best.

Does ANC earbuds are useful in 2024 ?

The technology are becoming more advance day by day and the ANC is known for his active noise cancellation feature hence in 2024 there may be more chances to get a high quality ANC earbuds at affordable price so its more useful for the people .


The above listed ANC earbuds are comes with many great features with affordable price rate and trusted brand with 1 year warranty so If you are thinking to buy any earbuds with anc under 2000 price then definitely you can look at these earbuds such as Noise buds vs102 Pro with ANC , Oppo ence buds 2 , Realme Buds T300 , Oneplus nord buds 2R , Boat airdopes 141 ANC and many more . I hope these information is helpful for you but still you have any doubt then fell free to ask your doubts in our comment section so we can help you to clear all doubts regarding these topic Of ANC earbuds .

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