oneplus nord buds vs oneplus nord buds 2

The oneplus is giant electronic company which makes a good quality product and in earbuds field its providing a good user experience when it comes to nord buds series then it make confuse regarding which is between oneplus nord buds vs oneplus nord buds 2 and to clear your all doubts we had created these post only for you by comparing both oneplus nord buds and nord buds in full details .

comparison of oneplus nord buds vs oneplus nord buds 2

Featureoneplus nord buds oneplus nord buds 2
Launched date28 APRIL 202211 APRIL 2023
Color optionsBlue Agate and BLACK STATEGrey , black and white
online costumer Ratings4.3 stars out of 54.2 stars out of 5
Charging timemore then 120 minutes MAX ‎180 Minutes
Battery with caseMaximum 30 hoursMaximum 36 hours
Battery with BudsMax 7 hours Max 7 hours
Cable typeTYPE CTYPE C
Noise cancellation AI Noise CancellationActive noise cancellation
Sound effectSound master equalizerBASS WAVE
Bluetooth version 5.25.3
Sound latency94ms94ms
Driver unit 12.4mm 12.4mm
Driver typeTitanium DriversDynamic Titanium
Touch controlYESYES
Water resistant IP55IP55
Dolby AtmosYESYES
Weight‎45 g‎47 g
Warranty12 months12 months
PriceRS 2,799RS 2,999

oneplus nord buds

oneplus nord buds vs oneplus nord buds 2

The oneplus nord buds is launched on 28 April 2022 with 2 color options such as Blue agate and black state with a build quality of plastic . sound quality of oneplus nord buds is of sound master equalizer which is known for providing a balanced mixture of sound in audio which is to good for people who like the proper sound quality in buds and these buds comes with the driver unit of 12.4mm with a type of Titanium Drivers for having a loud best sound experience .

Ai noise cancellation of nord buds is here for having a clear audio experience while receiving the call and the good thing is that you got a 3 option to control your sound quality such as Bold mode is made fore sharper pitch sound on other hand there is a serenade mode is for giving a vocal to your fav music and the last but not least is Bass mode will give you a Deep Bass in between the sound to improve your experience of audio .

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Battery of oneplus nord buds is of maximum 30 hours with case which and with buds you got a total playback time of 7hours which is really go for having a music at longer time and it took more then 120 minutes to fully charge your oneplus nord buds with a Type C cable but if you think that charging time is to much then no need to worry you also got a option of quick charge for having a 5 hours battery backup with only 10 minutes of charge .

Overall the oneplus nord buds is mid range buds at a price of RS 2,799 with a costumer ratings of 4.3 out of 5 stars which is quite impressing . In connectivity wise it have a bluetooth version of 5.2 to connect it with your device at a proper strong network and also nord buds are dust & water resistant with a IP 55 rating .

oneplus nord buds 2

oneplus nord buds 2 vs oneplus nord buds

oneplus nord buds 2 are released on 11 April 2023 with a build quality of plastic and it have multiple color variant such as Grey , white and black . The battery capacity of 480mAh gives a massive backup of maximum 36 hours and a non stop music play time of 7 hours with a Buds to enjoying your fav audio or music for a longer time but it takes 180 minutes max to fully charge your buds case which is to slow and same like oneplus nord it provides a quick charging supports .

Sound quality of oneplus nords 2 is of Bass wave type where it have a a deeper bass and a clear vocals between the music for having a amazing experience in it . These buds supports a Dual mic which means double clarity where one mic is more having a noise cancelation feature at better quality and the second mic is for call clarity to make your voice more reach to a person who is on a call with you . These buds also have a UPTO 25DB for a proper noise cancellation .

The oneplus nords supports a low latency feature maximum upto 98ms for having a good gaming experience and the buds have smooth touch controls button overall the nord buds 2 is mid range buds with a costumer rating of 4.2 out of 5 stars on amazon and the oneplus provides a 1 year warranty with these stylish buds .

oneplus nord buds vs oneplus nord buds 2 which is better in 2024 ?

oneplus nord buds vs oneplus nord buds 2

The oneplus nord buds is a older generation from the nord buds 2 and in feature wise the oneplus nord buds 2 have good sound experience , latest bluetoooth verison of 5.3 and a longer lasting battery life . The oneplus nord buds is also not behind in feature category where it provides a IP rating of 55 which is dust and water resistant . The AI noise cancellation feature of these will not upset you for providing good noise cancellation at highly noise place. In design segment there is not a huge difference between oneplus nord buds vs oneplus nord buds 2 both looks similar with same build quality .

overall the oneplus nord buds is much better from nord buds because it have more advanced feature with only at price of Rs 2,999 which creates a small different between the price of oneplus nord buds 2 vs oneplus nord buds according to my pint of view in tech field i would like to suggest you a oneplus nord buds 2 because it have a multiple features which we need for having a good user experience in buds and also the price of nord buds 2 is not high from his old generation variant so its make more sense to buy but in last the choice is yours go for the best one according the features you need.

FAQ related oneplus nord buds vs oneplus nord buds 2

is oneplus nord buds 2 worth to buy in 2024?

it comes with a many advance tech feature such as Active noise cancellation , quick charging support longer battery life and nice sound experience which makes worth to buy in 2024 .

does oneplus nord buds have warranty?

yes the oneplus nord have a 12month warranty from official oneplus company which is a very useful option and it make you tension free in some cases to rep[air it again for free.

Conclusion on oneplus nord buds vs oneplus nord buds 2

in conclusion the comparison between the oneplus nord buds vs oneplus nord buds 2 both are good options but where the nord buds 2 comes with some extra feature in multiple color options to buy with a good online costumer ratings and provides a 2 dual mic option with a 25Db Active noise feature ( ANC ) which can be consider a good for having a good sound quality on calls.

although both the nord buds have similar Ip ratings for keeping it safe from dust and water resistant but the price of nord buds 2 is little expensive from nord buds and if you dont mind to spends some extra money for getting advance tec feature then you should surely go for a nord buds 2 . In the end the decision depends on what feature you need wheter it can be good sound quality , build quality or different color options and in last you can ask your more queries in comment section to get solution of it .

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