oneplus nord buds vs oppo enco buds 2

In the market of ear buds comes lets compare the oneplus nord buds vs oppo enco buds 2 to let know you in details which is more better for to have a non stop amazing experience with a stronger build quality of buds and with a 1 year warranty . so lets start the post with a quick comparison between both the buds.

Quick comparison of oneplus nord buds vs oppo enco buds 2

Features oneplus nord budsoppo enco buds 2
ModelNord buds Enco Buds 2
Release DateAPRIL 28 2022 Aug 25 2022
color options 3 color options3 color options
costumer Ratings 4.3 stars out of 54.2 out of 5 stars
Battery (case)UPTO 30 hours 28Hrs
Battery(buds)UPTO 7 hours 6Hrs
Charger usedType-CType-C
Charging Time nearly 2 hours 1.5Hrs
Sound EffectSound master equalizerEnco Live stereo sound effect
Bluetooth Version5.25.2
Bluetooth Range10 meter10 Meter
Noise CancellationYesYes
Volume ControlYesYes
Sound Latency94ms94ms
Water & dust ResistanceIP55IPX4
Driver Unit 12.4mm10mm
Deep BassYESYes
Driver TypeTitanium DriversLarge Titanized driver
Dolby Atoms SupportYESYes
Warranty1 year1 Year
PriceRs 2,799RS 1,599

Comparison between oneplus nord buds vs oppo enco buds 2 to know which is more better?

oneplus nord buds vs oppo enco buds 2
oneplus nord buds vs oppo enco buds 2

lets start the comparison from price segment where the oneplus nord buds 2 is more expensive from enco buds 2 and these buds are available to buy from amazon and flipkart online market . The driver unit of nord buds is much better as compared as to oppo enco buds 2 but the sad thing is that these both earbuds are to old to buy in 2024 where you can buy these if you got a good more lower price then definitely it will become more worth to buy them with the feature which are basic needs to have a good experience non stop without any technical issue and the main thing the build quality of these buds are sustainable easily for a longer period of time .

Now lets talk about battery comparison between oppo enco buds 2 vs oneplus nord buds which plays a major role for having a good enjoyment without any interruption the oppo enco buds 2 battery capacity is of 460mAh with case which produce a 28hrs playback time to listen music and the oneplus nord buds have a 480mAh which delivers extra battery life from oppo enco buds 2 which is of max 30 hours . If you are looking for budget category earbuds between oneplus nord buds vs oppo enco buds 2 with basic all basic needs then surely you should go for a oppo enco buds 2.

Details about oneplus nord buds

oneplus nord buds comparison

oneplus nord buds is a wireless earbuds with a mic to deliver your voice smoothly and clearly while it have interesting sound master equalizer technology to manage the sound according to your need with the help of its 3 modes BOLD , Serenade and BASS you can decide which type of sound quality is best for you to have a greater experience . The driver unit of nord buds becomes more interesting because of its 12.4mm titanium drivers you got a bigger better sound with the support of Dolby atmos for more deeper bass sound .

The launched date of nord buds is to late but the feature are still good such as huge longer battery life of total 30 hours maximum on single charge and also it depends on how you use the nord buds for example if your are using them with active noise cancellation mode or at high volume for longer time then the battery life of these buds may be decrease rapidly as compare to normal use but no need to worry you can charge quickly to your nord buds with Fast charging tech which provide a max 5 hours battery life with the charge of only 10 minutes.

If you are a sports and your body is sweating a lot while performing your activity then here a feature of IP55 which protects the buds from water and dust resistance to make sure that they will not become damages from minor dust and water drops and the range of bluetooth is approximately of 10 meters to stay connection between your device and oneplus nord buds . Also you can enjoy games more better with his latency of 94ms to get much better real time sound in games .

Overall the nord buds have a good costumer Rating of 4.3 but i personally believe that the price of these buds are though even though its launched on 2022 but now there are multiple options of earbuds which gives a good feature at below price point of Rs 2,799 if you still want to buy oneplus nord buds then i would to give you a suggestion of oneplus nord buds vs oneplus nord buds 2 to find a great deal at value for money point .

Details about oppo enco buds 2

oppo enco buds 2 vs oneplus nord buds
oppo enco buds 2 vs oneplus nord buds

The oppo enco buds 2 is budget category earbuds which comes with a plastic build quality and the compact with comfortable design of buds will perfectly fits with your ear for a longer hours with no comfort issue while using them. The touch buttons of oppo enco buds two are works very smoothly also you can clicks picture from your smartphone by just simply touching on earbuds buttons or you can also change the music track , pause , play and change the volume of music by these buttons. The size of buds are not large with case which means you can easily keep them in your pocket without any issue.

Ai active noise cancellation of enco buds 2 will amaze you by removing unwanted noise from the background while on call . Especially it will more useful for the people who stays mostly at noisy market place and the enco live stereo sound effects of buds delivers a Bass Boost with clear vocals for getting good audio quality with the oppo enco buds 2 . The driver unit of 10mm with a Large Titanized driver type are used in these buds for a greater sound of experience with clear audio and deep bass for having fun while listening to your fav music .

The sound latency of 94ms will give you a real time audio for playing games and it have IP ratings of IPX4 which can be more better if it have dust resistant ratings to protect them from dust particles . Oppo enco buds 2 comes with a bluetooth version of 5.2 to get quickly connect with a device and the price of these buds are good but try to get them below Rs 1,599 to make a great deal and also you can have a look at oppo enco buds 2 vs realme techlife t100 to get more better options in earbuds with different trusted brand and best build quality.

FAQ related oneplus nord buds vs oppo enco buds 2

Which earbuds have better sound customization?

Oneplus nord buds have a 12.4mm drivers unit with a loud and strong audio quality with a Deep bass option which makes it a better sound customization.

which sound effect are used in enco buds 2 ?

the Enco Live stereo sound types are used in enco buds 2 for customized sound effects with all different music styles.

Does ANC is useful in earbuds?

active noise cancellation ( ANC ) plays a major role in any earbuds for having a clear audio between the call which becomes possible by removing unwanted noise from background by using these ANC method.

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