oppo enco air 2 pro vs oneplus buds z2

If you are confused between oppo enco air 2 pro vs oneplus buds z2 which is best then no need to worries today we had covered all the details regarding these earbuds which will give you a idea for selecting a best one but before that its becomes necessary to remember these pro tips such as before selecting any brand earbuds we should always go for a good build quality and trusted brand earbuds with a affordable rate .

straight comparison of oppo enco air 2 pro vs oneplus buds z2

Features OPPO Enco air 2 proOneplus buds z2
Model Enco Air 2 ProBuds Z2
Release date 25 July 2022 15 august 2023
Costumer Rating 4.2 Star rating out of 5 4.2 Star rating out of 5
Charging Timeonly 45 minutesonly 50 minutes
Battery (case)Upto 28Hrs upto 38HRS
Battery (buds)7Hrs 5Hrs
Charger usedTYPE-CTYPE-C
Noise cancellationActive noise cancellationActive noise cancellation
Sound Effectpunchy and bass heavybalanced with enhanced bass
Sound Latency80ms94ms
water resistant IP 54IP 55
Color optionWhite and GreyBlack and white
Connectivity TechnologyBluetooth 5.2Bluetooth 5.2
Bluetooth Range10 meters15 meters
Volume ControlYesYES
Touch controlYESYES
Deep BassEnableEnable
Driver Unit 12.4 mm11 mm
Driver TypeTitanized large diaphragm driversdynamic drivers
Dolby atmos supportnot sureyes
Warranty1 Year1 year
PriceRs 3,499Rs 3,899

Which is best between oppo enco air 2 pro vs oneplus buds z2 ?

oppo enco air 2 pro vs oneplus buds z2

Before comparing the oppo enco air 2 pro vs oneplus nord buds i hope you get a rough idea regarding both the earbuds feature price build quality and design . As we know that oneplus buds z2 is more advanced from oppo enco air pro in tech and feature factor but both have same disadvantage point so its depends on what you what you in earbuds

for example for a longer battery life you can go for a oppo enco air pro and for quick charging support with good sound quality you can go for a oneplus buds z2 so its totally depends you to choose a best for you need from the Oppo enco air 2 pro vs oneplus buds z2 price and feature .

5 Reason to buy oneplus Buds z2

  • Oneplus Buds z2 is more cheaper as compared to oppo enco air 2 pro in price segment with long bluetooth range to main the sustainable music even at long distance.
  • Oneplus Buds z2 have a huge battery life of MAX 38hrs with a case which will enough to give you a non stop music experience for longer time.
  • While we talk about the build quality is really appreciate because oneplus provide a good build quality at these price point with a nice design.
  • It supports the Noise cancellation feature to be honest it will not work as much good as our exception but it still good to have normal noise cancellation conversation with these buds z2.
  • It have a IP55 rating which makes it dust and water resistant .

Review about oppo enco air 2 pro

oppo enco air 2 pro vs oneplus buds z2

OPPO Enco air 2 pro is launched on 25 JULY 2022 which comes with the 2 color options White and grey and while we talk about its build quality is made of plastics and according to price rate is good but it could me more better as compared to other earbuds . The design of oppo Enco aird buds 2 is simple plan which looks best for people who want a normal design earbuds with plan color variant .

Now talk about its most important feature is of sound quality which have a driver unit of 12.4 mm with a Titanized large diaphragm for providing a nice sound quality with a Deep Bass feature for having a great experience while listening music or consuming any type of audio . The oppo Enco air 2 pro also supports the active noise cancellation feature to stop the loud nearby surrounding sound and these earbuds are especially made for the people who likes the punchy and bass heavy sound .

If you are a sports person and you are body is sweating while doing exercise then no need to worry because oppo enco air 2 pro have a IP 54 water resistant rating which means these earbuds are protected from minor water and dust particles while enjoying the sports .

The battery life of oppo enco air 2 pro with case is of upto 28hrs which is enough for a normal use of earbuds and continuously use with only buds it provides a battery life of 7Hrs also it supports the TYPE-C cable to charge your earbuds in 45 minutes .

Overall the oppo enco air 2 pro is a better earbuds which have many cools feature like noise cancellation , Ip rating and long lasting battery but before selecting any earbuds between oppo enco air 2 pro vs oneplus buds z2 you should know in details regarding there feature and then go for a best one which match your need at affordable rate .

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Review about oneplus buds z2

oppo enco air 2 pro vs oneplus nord buds

The oneplus buds z2 is released on 15 august 2023 which have a premium design and made of a glossy plastic to looks more attractive . while we talks abouts its battery life is of upto 38 hours which is along lasting for use and the buds have continuously playback of 5 hours at single charge it have a quick fast charging support which provides a 5 hours playback time in only 10 minutes which cane be a most special feature for the people who dont have time to charge earbuds or dont like to charge earbuds again and again .

Oneplus buds Z2 have many cool advanced feature like 3 MIC ENC Call option which helps to keep your call experience smooth by removing the wind sound when you are using the oneplus buds Z2 for calls . If you are a gamer then here’s a most important feature of low latency which have a as much as earbuds latency of 98ms and also it have a 1 year warranty which helps a lot for costumer to enjoy there earbuds without any fear .

There are 2 modes of active noise cancellation which is for faint use which works on 25DB and 2nd option for extreme use which works on 40DB for removing background noise according to your need . while we talks about the sound quality of oneplus buds z2 it have balanced with enhanced bass sound quality and the earbuds works on 11mm dynamic drivers for enjoying a better experience in oneplus buds z2 .

If you have a bad habit of keeping you earbuds at any place and then you are searching your earbuds but still you cant find them then no need to worry here a great feature from oneplus which help to find your lost earbuds by simply using the find my buds option and also you got a various types of option in hey melody app for doing exclusive settings . The oneplus buds z2 comes with a fastest connectivity option of bluetooth version 5.2 which connects your earbuds from device quickly oppo enco air 2 pro vs oneplus buds z2

Overall the oneplus buds z2 have value for money feature even though the price of oneplus buds is little high you can try to buy at lower price espically when it price drop at online sale . These earbuds had a stylish design which like most of the costumer and most of the people had given it 4.2 star rating from 5 which really good according to his all feature and price .

FAQ related oppo enco air 2 pro vs oneplus buds z2

Is oneplus buds z2 worth buying in 2024?

The oneplus buds z2 is value for money earbuds which have a many interesting and useful feature for our day to day life and the price of earbuds are all justify to its feature also you get a brand warranty of 1 year with these earbuds.

Is oneplus buds z2 waterproof?

The oneplus buds z2 have water resistant rating of IP 55 which makes the earbuds waterproof and also protect it from the small dust particles.

How long is the oppo enco air 2 pro playtime?

play time with earbuds case is of upto 28hrs and continuously it provides the 7hrs play time with earbuds and also you can charge your oppo enco air 2 pro with in 45 minutes with type cable.

conclusion on oppo enco air 2 pro vs oneplus buds z2

There is a huge difference between both the earbuds which have different battery life and sound quality while we talk about the oppo enco air 2 pro comes with a punchy and bass heavy sound effect and the oneplus buds z2 comes with a balanced and enhanced bass also they have multiple color option for buying them if you are selecting any one earbuds between oppo enco air 2 pro vs oneplus buds z2 then you should definitely go for a oneplus buds z2 for higher feature if your budget is low then you can go for a oppo enco air 2 pro for cheaper price.

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