oppo enco buds 2 vs realme techlife t100

Today we had covered a topic of oppo enco buds 2 vs realme techlife t100 to let you know more about which is better in 2024 we had had share a full details about both earbuds . These buds are coming with different price rate with many cool features but it makes confuse for buyers to select a best one so after checking these post i hope all doubts will be cleared regarding these topic and you will select a best one for you among them .

Comparison between oppo enco buds 2 vs realme techlife t100

Features oppo enco buds 2realme techlife t100
ModelEnco Buds 2Buds T100 RMA2109
Release Date25 Aug 20228 Feb 2023
Battery (case)28Hrs27Hrs
Charger usedType-CType-C
Charging Time 1.5Hrs1.4Hrs
Warranty1 Year1 Year
Bluetooth Version5.25.3
Bluetooth Range10 Meter10 Meter
Noise CancellationYesN/A
Volume ControlYesYes
Sound Latency94ms88ms
Water ResistanceIPX4Yes
Driver Unit 10mm12.4mm
Deep BassYesYes
Driver TypeLarge Titanized driverDynamic driver
Sound EffectEnco Live stereo sound effect360 Degree Spatial audio
Dolby Atoms SupportYes Yes
PriceRS 1,599Rs 1,349

Quick comparison of realme techlife buds t100 vs oppo enco buds 2

oppo enco buds 2 vs realme techlife t100

Oppo enco buds 2 are launched early as compared to realme techlife buds t100 and while we talk about their features both have good feature which depends at different aspect . If you want a noise cancellation earbuds then is sadly to say that realme techlife t100 buds dosent have noise cancellation support but the normal sound quality of these earbuds are really better and both the earbuds have long lasting battery life to use which give a freedom from charging the earbuds again and again after very short of time .

The build quality and the design of oppo enco buds are more better then the realme techlife but it is more expensive from realme buds so if you are budget is low and you are planning to buy earbuds which provides value for money features then you can go for a realme teh life buds in 2024 .

overall the comparison oppo enco buds 2 vs realme techlife t100 is given above where if you loved to hear high quality sound with NCS feature then you go for a oppo earbuds otherwise for lower price with minor change specifications from oppo earbuds would be a good option for you .

Oppo Enco Buds 2

oppo enco buds 2 vs realme techlife t100

The Enco Buds 2 which was released by OPPO in the year 2022 comes with a classical oval like shape. It has a battery of 480mA which gives you music play time of 28 Hours. It takes a total of 1.5 hours time for a complete charge . It is currently available for purchase on both Amazon and Flipkart for the price of 1599 which is a little higher than the Realme techlife t100. Starting from the most important feature of for a ear buds (sound feature) it supports dolby atoms with deep base sound quality . The minimum frequency of OPPO enco buds 2 is 20hz and the maximum is 20khz .

Unfortunately the OPPO Enco Buds does have the noise cancellation feature .The size of the driver is 10mm which is not that bad . Taking about it’s water resistivity it has the IPX4 ratting. it is not that much durable against water . It supports all the basic features like audio/music control play/pause volume control google assistant etc. The OPPO Enco buds 2 has sound latency of 94ms . Also it has Bluetooth version 5.2V which is a little old compared to now a days earbuds but still you can have a seem less performance with it because it have bluetooth range of 10 meter . oppo enco buds 2 vs realme techlife t100

If you are Buying this buds for Gaming purpose I won’t recommend it due it’s latency of 94ms which can be a problem for many live actions games . Well I hope this information might has helped you .

The OPPO Enco Buds 2 comes with the Box Content of : Pair of Earbuds with Charging Case, Charging Cable, Eartips, User Guide

Overall conclusion if you are buying them for casual use or normal day to day use then it can be a good choice for you because it comes with a stylish design which have a long lasting battery life and a super build quality also the earbuds had a 1 year warranty which makes sure you from no worries regarding any technical issue which face in realme earbuds .

Advantages of oppo enco buds 2 in 2024

  • Budget friendly earbuds with nice build quality and the support of trusted brand which provides a warranty of 1 year with the Enco buds 2.
  • Long lasting battery life of 28Hrs with case to enjoy the music for more longer time and the case weight are very low which can easily fit in pocket .
  • It have noise cancellation feature which will helps a lot to clear the audio at noisy market place .
  • These earbuds comes with a Live stereo sound effect to hear a audio at nice quality and with amazing sound experience .

Disadvantage of oppo enco buds 2 in 2024

  • not good for gaming because it supports upto 94ms which is less for doing proper gaming.
  • simple non attractive design which looks to old and may be find unattractive for most of the people.
  • Its a old earbuds which have little old feature like bluetooth verison of 5.2 but that not a bad choice to have these version of bluetooth.

oppo enco buds 2 vs realme techlife t100

Realme Techlife t100

The Realme Techlife t100 was released by Realme in the year 2023 it comes with the premium black design and haves a small blinking led which indicates the charging status. Realme Techlife t100 is available on both flipkart and amazon for a price of 1349 Rs which is less than oppo enco buds 2 . Starting from the most important feature ( Sound Feature ) The Realme techlife t100 has a driver of 12.4mm which is quite good at this price range It also has the dolby atom with the sound technology of 360Degree Spatial audio in deifference between the oppo enco buds 2 vs realme techlife t100 .

It has minimum frequency of 20 hz and maximum frequency of 20 khz . It has a built in Lithium Ion battery inside the case which allows the case to provides back up of 28 Hours (Music time) . Talking about the Buds they can last for 6 hours without case . It takes a total of 1.5 hours for a full charge . The Realme Techlife t 100 does not supports the feature of noice cancellation which is pretty bad for this price segment And Yes they are completely water proof . Going to the connectivity segment it has bluetooth 5.3V .

If you are buying this buds for gaming then it can be a good choice because it has a low latency of 88ms but if you are heavy gamer then you better avoid them .

The Realme techlife t 100 comes with the Box Content of : Pair of Earbuds with Charging Case, Charging Cable, Eartips, User Guide

So by the side by side comparison of OPPO enco buds 2 and Realme tech life t100 we can say both of them have many similar features but there is also a little bit of dissimillarities so in my opinion if you don’t need the noise cancellation feature then definietly you should go for the Realme tech life t100 because they are providing many extra and better features in lesser price than OPPO Enco Buds 2 . According to me you should go for it but any ways the final decision is up to you .

Advantages of Realme Techlife t100 in 2024

  • latest bluetooth version supports of 5.3 with a range of 10 meters which means you got a strong balance network connection.
  • It have driver unit of 12.4mm of dynamic type to deliver a better sound quality for a great experience at affordable price .
  • Price of realme techlife buds t100 is cheap as compared to oppo enco buds 2

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FAQ about oppo enco buds 2 vs realme techlife t100

Is realme techlife t100 worth buying in 2024?

the realme techlife t100 is value for money earbuds which provides a good specifications at better build quality but it have a drawback of not supporting the noise cancellation feature which is a need of most of the costumer in 2024 .

Is Oppo enco buds 2 waterproof ?

The oppo enco buds have a  IPX4 Water Resistant which protects the earbuds from minor water drops or sweat .

what is the bluetooth range of realme techlife t100 ?

The realme tech life t100 comes with a bluetooth range of 10 meters which is sufficient for mostly wireless device to have a better connectivity

What is the latency of Oppo enco buds 2?

94ms low latency of oppo enco buds 2 are used to enjoy a game with amazing experience and the comfort level of buds are going to excellent which is suitable for most of the people .


The oppo enco buds 2 vs realme techlife t100 are best according to their features and price point but which is best is depend on your need we had above told all the features and done a straight comparison for to select a best earbuds in 2024 without any issue but still you have any query regarding these topic then you can comment your query down we will try to help you from our side .

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